USRider Insurance ServicesHorse Mortality

For a horse owner, the loss of a beloved animal can be devastating both emotionally and financially. And while equine mortality insurance can't diminish the grief of losing a horse, it can help to soften the economic impact.

We offer several flexible coverage options because we know that horses (and their owners) are unique. All Risk Mortality & Theft coverage is a comprehensive policy that reimburses you for the death, theft and humane destruction of your horse. And many savvy owners choose USRider's Hassle Free Mortality product, an easy and affordable mortality and theft policy designed for horses valued under $50,000.

USRider is committed to the welfare and safety of our members and their horses. 

  • Coverage Highlights

    • Agreed value settlement (except racehorses)
    • 90-day extension clause
    • Guaranteed renewal coverage added at no additional charge (except racehorses)
    • 24-hour claims service
    • Emergency colic surgery expense added at no additional charge
    • Medical/Surgical Plans
    • Private Horse Owner Liability coverage can be added
    • Affordable premium rate as low as 2.85% of value (certain age, use and breed restrictions may apply)
    • No vet certificate required (for horses valued under $50,000)
    And for your convenience, we offer large scheduled policies with deductibles, plus other important equine overages. Call 800-504-6773 for details. Apply Online Now
    NOTE: Not all coverages are available in all states. For more information, please call (800) 50-HORSE (504-6773) or email us at