Two of my friends and I, along with 3 horses, were on the road coming home to Indiana from a Michigan endurance ride. We were about half way home when I noticed my engine light flick on. A few miles later, I looked in mirror and noticed my truck blowing black smoke from the tail pipe. When I pulled to the side of the interstate it completely broke down. I got out my cell phone and pulled out my USRider card.

I gave USRider a call, and within 45 minutes they had professional hauler with a tow truck at my side. He towed my truck, trailer, the three horses and my friends and I to the nearest Ford dealership. USRider call and asked if we needed a place to keep the horses until the truck was repaired. We declined and had a friend bring a truck and hook to our trailer to bring us home.


May I note; this was on Labor Day (a Sunday) and very hot. We were so worried we would be stuck on the side of the road all day! After our crazy weekend, it’s the last place we wanted to be! It was such a blessing to have USRider come to the rescue in a timely fashion. Our truck had to get all new injectors but at least we were off the road and safe. We got a new truck (different brand) the following month but still have our USRider looking out for us should we ever need them!

Thank you, USRider!

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