USRider is the premier equestrian roadside assistance program in the industry. Our Membership includes roadside assistance coverage in any vehicle you are traveling in as well as coverage for horse trailers, whether your horses are on board or not. In addition, our membership provides an extensive package of discounts on equine related goods and services, regular equine travel and safety information and insurance products to fit all of your needs as a horse owner or business. We offer two levels of Membership to meet the needs of all horse enthusiasts, owners, competitors and business people.

Memberships will be effective 24 hours after joining.



Our Classic plan includes nationwide roadside assistance covering everything from lockouts and jump starts to towing of your vehicles, trucks and trailers. In addition you will enjoy access to our large selection of exclusive member discounts, emergency stabling/veterinarian/farrier referrals, access to our regular travel and safety information, and more.

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Our Premier plan is the preferred roadside assistance program for the business or competitive equine traveler. This plan includes all of the benefits of the Classic plan, with enhanced limits and benefits to meet your demanding equine business or competition lifestyle.

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USRider Compare Chart

Your USRider® roadside assistance benefits are in full force even when you are not traveling with your Horses.

No matter what vehicle you are traveling in - even if you are not driving -  we've got you covered.

Typical Motor Plan

RV Motor Plan

Enhanced or Plus Motor Plan



USRider Premier


$100 Unlimited***

Battery Assistance

$250 Unlimited***


100 Miles* Unlimited**

Roadside Service: Flat Tire Assistance, Jumpstarts, Fuel Delivery

$250 $400


$250 $400

Coverage on Dual-Wheeled Vehicles

Horse Trailer Service and Towing

Emergency Stabling, Veterinary and Farrier Referrals

$5,000 Theft Reward for Tow Vehicle and Trailer

Winner's Circle Advantage Discounts

One FREE Associate

Emergency Disablement Expense Reimbursement

24-Hour Concierge Service

* $400 max benefit.

** To the nearest ASE Mechanic or Dealership; otherwise $600 max benefit.

***No max benefit

Coverage amounts do not include cost of parts or fluids. USRider does not cover Commercial Haulers.

Exclusive USRider Membership Benefits