Equine Precautions: Short Trip


Anytime a Horse is loaded into a trailer, whether for a short trip or long trip, these fundamental measures should be taken: Train your Horse to load calmly and to accept the trailer as... Read more »

Equine Precautions: Long Trip


The importance of these precautions is directly proportional to the length of the trip. Use your own judgment, and that of your veterinarian: Electrolytes - Increase 2 to 3 days prior to... Read more »

USRider: Keeping Horses Comfortable During Winter Travel

LEXINGTON, Ky (Dec. 10, 2014) – As horse owners, many of us fear trailering in the winter due to lack of poise that the horse is comfortable. While we have the amenity of a heated vehicle and... Read more »

USRider: Traveling with an Older Horse

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Jan. 10, 2015) – He’s an old friend. A companion you’ve had for years with whom you have overcome challenges that have made you the team you are today. The aging... Read more »

USRider: Trailer Preparation Tips for Travel Season

Lexington, Ky. (Feb. 27, 2015) – While many of us are currently buried up to our noses in snow, travel season is just around the corner. Before the start of this season, it is critically... Read more »

USRider: Reminder to Locate Special Keys for Spare Tires


Lexington, Ky. (October 23, 2014) - We've all been there. Stuck on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, with a flat tire. As equestrians, this situation is especially stressful when your... Read more »

Holiday Shopping Discounts through USRider Benefits


Lexington, Ky. (November 20, 2014) - USRider, America's premier motor plan created to provide roadside assistance to equestrians traveling with their horses, is pleased to recognize a number of... Read more »

USRider: Winter Driving Tips for Horse Owners

LEXINGTON, Ky (Nov. 25, 2014) - Winter is coming. For some of us winter is already here! USRider reminds everyone who travels with horses to be careful, and to invest time performing routine... Read more »

Emergency First Aid Kit

The following items assembled into an emergency kit will help you handle most situations. Discuss this list with your own veterinarian, he/she may have other suggestions that are appropriate for you... Read more »

10 Hot Weather Hauling Tips


Hot weather can pose serious health problems for your traveling trail horse, including dehydration, heat stroke, and exhaustion. Here are 10 hot-weather hauling tips to help keep your horse cool and... Read more »