After a long Saturday afternoon of trail riding at the Moss Foundation in Southern Pines, North Carolina, that included getting lost and drenched in a thunderstorm, I returned back to a truck that won’t start. It’s wasn’t just a dead battery either. The parking area is off a remote side road and has emptied as it was late in the day. I called my husband who wanted to have a mechanic come see if they could get it started. We were two hours from home and I was a little panicked about what to do with the horses.

My riding companion that day had a local acquaintance with a farm but hadn’t spoken to her in over seven years. Miraculously the phone number was still good and she told us her place was at our disposal. So the other people with us unloaded their horses and hauled the other two I brought to spend the night at the guest farm. All the while I was waiting for a mechanic to show up. Knowing it was more than a dead battery, I called USRider and they couldn’t have been more reassuring. They explained they could either tow the truck home or the trailer or both. I am relatively new to hauling myself and had never used US Rider before.


Well, the mechanic confirmed he couldn’t get the truck started and before he even left, the service USRider sent had arrived. The owner of Rockwell Towing himself was the driver and I wanted to cry, he was so nice. He told us he could take us anywhere we need with all the stops we need, which was several. He loaded my pick up onto the flatbed trailer, and then hitched the horse trailer behind that. First stop is the farm where the horses have been relaxing to try to reload them. The tow truck was quite big and loud, so I was convinced the horses would be rather spooked. However, our fellas went right in. Phew!

Sundance and I love competitive trail riding!

Next we need to take the trailer and horses to my companion’s barn. It was an hour and a half away and nearly 9:00 pm before we got there. Okay, horses safely stalled, now we have to get the pickup to a service center. After another thirty minutes, our driver placed my truck perfectly in a parking spot at the service garage. It was all exhausting but I was so well taken care of by US Rider. I will never, ever be without their coverage and extolls their benefits to every horse person I know!

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